Warship from Adam Volerich on Vimeo.

"Warship" by Michaelangelo Borghi

Video by Adam Volerich

I’m about to get inside inside Llewyn Davis.

I’m about to get inside inside Llewyn Davis.


Adam’s list of 2013 Pop Culture Absorption in Review

Disclaimer: I have no right to judge anything because I’m a shmuck, but you have chosen to read this… so deal with it? And please stop telling me to listen to Yeezus.

Favorite Films
1. Inside Llewyn Davis
2. Gravity
3. Blue Jasmine
4. Her
5. 12 Years A Slave
6. Wolf of Wall Street
7. Star Trek into Darkness
8. Frances Ha
9. Drug War
10. Only God Forgives

5 more for fun
1. The World’s End
2. Kick Ass 2
3. American Hustle
4. Black Fish
5. Much Ado About Nothing

Biggest Disappointments
1. Man of Steel
2. Escape From Tomorrow
3. Iron Man 3
4. The Hangover Part III
5. Don Jon (I actually really liked this. If I wrote a top 25 it would be there but considering my absurdly high expectations I found it incredibly disappointing. Conversely, I thought “Now You See Me” was the worst film of the year, perhaps even all time but I had no expectations so it does not make this list. It’s all about expectations. Get it?!)

Films I Wish I hadn’t Missed (in no particular order)
Museum Hours
Computer Chess
Europa Report
Captain Phillips/Mr. Banks 
Short Term 12
The Conjuring
The Place Beyond the Pines
In a World
The Way Way Back

Favorite TV Shows
1. Breaking Bad
2. Orphan Black
3. Fresh Meat
4. Game of Thrones
5. House of Cards
6. House of Lies
7. Episodes
8. Veep
9. Misfits
10. Continuum

Biggest Disappointments
1. Agents of SHIELD (2013: The year “because Whedon” stopped being an acceptable answer to the question “why am I watching this?”)

Bonus Round: Terrible Shows I Can’t Stop Watching For No Good Reason
1. Once Upon a Time (This show is truly awful. From the absolutely horrendous special effects to the ever present annoying child star, nothing about this show makes it worth watching, not even the best attempts of the endlessly brilliant Robert Carlyle. I don’t even know who it’s aimed at. But for some reason I can’t stop watching it. And that’s gross.)
2. Doctor Who (It’s literally been years since I found this show enjoyable. Somebody replace the writing staff and/or kill me because I’m legally bound to keep watching it until either it ends or I do.)

Favorite Albums
1. Queens of the Stone Age - …Like Clockwork
2. Islands - Ski Mask
3. Wavves - Afraid of Heights
4. Arcade Fire - Reflektor
5. Anamanaguchi - Endless Fantasy
6. Atoms for Peace - Amok
7. David Bowie - The Next Day
8. Vampire Weekend - Modern Vampires of the City
9. Art Brut - Top of the Pops (Technically a greatest hits album but I liked it more than most of the new music I heard this year )
10. Arctic Monkeys - AM

Biggest Disappointments
1. Arctic Monkeys - AM (60% of this album made me cringe. This is my favorite band. I am deeply saddened by the music they released this year. It’s only on my top ten because frankly most of the albums I heard this year were pretty shitty and the songs I did like on this album we’re good enough to make it the tenth best I listened to)
2. The Strokes - Comedown Machine
3. Pretty Much Everything Else. What happened this year? Is music getting worse or just harder to find? I’m not being pretentious, I’m genuinely confused. Someone point me in the direction of a blog worth reading. And stop recommending Yeezus.

I read quite a lot of things in 2013 but most of them were released in previous years. I’m listing them if nothing else for my own records.

Books I Enjoyed in 2013
1. Easy Riders Raging Bulls: How the Sex-Drugs-And Rock ‘N Roll Generation Saved Hollywood by Peter Biskind (Everything you ever wanted to know about the coolest era of cinema)
2. House of Leaves by Mark Z Danielewski (I’m technically still reading this terrifying mindfuck of a book that not only redefines the form of the novel but also the way we read them. I will likely still be trying to piece my brain back together well into 2015)
3. A Dance with Dragons by George R. R. Martin
4. The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman
5. Down and Dirty Pictures by Peter Biskind (The spiritual sequel to Easy Riders that explores the continuing evolution of film and its key players)

Graphic Novels I Enjoyed in 2013
1. Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong by Faith Erin Hicks (It’s “High School: the Comic” With robots. In Canada. Win.)
2. Scott Pilgrim Gets it Together Color Edition by Bryan Lee O’Malley (Technically a rerelease but now it’s all pretty and hardcover which makes it better than ever. Also in Canada)
3. Sweet Tooth by Jeff Lemire (Post apocalyptic animal human hybrids. Also in Canada. Original, entertaining and beautiful)
4. The Underwater Welder by Jeff Lemire (Basically an episode of the Twilight Zone. Also in Canada. Are you noticing a theme?)
5. A Wrinkle in Time the Graphic Novel adapted by Hope Larson (it’s exactly what the title suggests and it’s great. Hope Larson is not Canadian but she’s married to Bryan Lee O’Malley. Go figure)

KNOCK. Tonight.

KNOCK. Tonight.


Parklife from Adam Volerich on Vimeo.

When Ian’s father insists he work for him or get an internship during his last summer before college, he misguidedly seeks refuge in the purgatory of State Park employment. Amidst the dirt and grime of manual labor, Ian and his coworkers are forced to ask themselves, “why are we still here?”


Geek Week Promo from Adam Volerich on Vimeo.

A promotional video for Rutgers University’s Second Annual Geek Week.


Let the Wookie Win from Adam Volerich on Vimeo.

Rick and Sally can’t wait to go to New York Comic Con, but when Rick’s Lightsaber gets stolen by a rival nerd, their trip takes a turn for the worst.

"Let the Wookie Win" was shot on location at New York Comic Con and would not have been possible without the help of some truly amazing people to whom I owe my eternal gratitude; Nikolas Long, Crissy Milazzo, Bassam Kaado, Russell Dolan, Marlon Dunn and Vincent Cason.

Special thanks to Patrick Stettner for letting me call his cellphone on the weekend for last minute advice, directing “The Night Listener,” and being an all around cool dude.

Brick by Brick Productions Presents, In Association with the Brower Collective:

"Let the Wookie Win"

Written, Directed and Edited by Adam Volerich

Starring: Nikolas Long and Crissy Milazzo.
Featuring Bassam Kaado as Brandon.
With Marlon Dunn and Vincent Cason.

Director of Cinematography: Adam Volerich
Additional Cinematography Provided by Russell Dolan.

Additional Dialogue Provided by Crissy Milazzo.

Featured Music:

Written and Performed by The Unicorns.
Property of Suicide Squeeze Records.

"My Girls"
Written and Performed by Animal Collective.
Property of Domino.

"Barnacle Goose"
Written and Performed by Born Ruffians.
Property of Warp.

"Heavy Krishna"
Written and Performed by JEFF the Brotherhood.
Property of Infinity Cat Recordings

"You! Me! Dancing!"
Written by Gareth Campesinos!
Performed by Los Campesinos!
Property of Wichita.

I claim no ownership of the above music and thank Odin that I have not yet been sued. Please support these artists by purchasing their music from your favorite music retailer.
Star Wars and all associated imagery are copyright of Disney or something, right?
Kevin Smith is not aware that he is in this film.

May the force be with you…


Parklife Trailer from Adam Volerich on Vimeo.

When Ian’s father insists he work for him or get an internship during his last summer before college, he misguidedly seeks refuge in the purgatory of State Park employment. Amidst the dirt and grime of manual labor, Ian and his coworkers are forced to ask themselves, ‘why are we still here?’